Winter Hedgerows mini series

Winter Hedgerows mini series

field studies 🍂

I have been working on a little series of Winter Hedgerow mini prints, mixed media on paper in homage to my local hedgerows which had their first outing at the wonderful Drumhierny Woodland Hideaway Christmas Markets over the past few weekends. 🤍 Throughout winter I think I tune into our hedgerows even more than during the rest of the year, maybe it's because you can look inwards #aboutlooking. They’ve been a constant presence through my life, our townland, boundary, age old hedges (some of the oldest here in Leitrim.) As children my grandparents introduced us to the hedgerows and ditches of Corranmore and taught us about the local wildlife who made them home. Our hedgerows are a significant feature of Ireland's cultural and natural heritage, providing essential eco systems for biodiversity, pathways vital for our mammals &  pollinators. Their vibrant, glowing bracken, bramble, ferns, sloes, hips, haws, holly and Rowan are like tiny beacons lighting up the landscape as the light fades on these shorter days 🤍

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