Hawthorn and Lichen

Hawthorn and Lichen

Sceach gheal a lichen comfort.

There's a single tree growing in the back field behind our house. It's a small common hawthorn and is around six foot high, a single-seeded hawthorn of the rose family.

Over the years, I've watched it grow and weather many storms, a gentle tree with it's back towards the mountain and its face towards home. I visited this tree during the storms and snows last Winter, observing it's lichen laden branches quietly change with the thaw. It's colour and shape turn softly with the ever changing weather patterns, laden with oak moss and a perfume recorded as having a 'heavy oriental fragrance'. This little tree has a grounding effect on me. Although small, it's ecological value is great providing protection and food for many insects and small animals. It's lichen an indicator that the air is good and clean, offering a space to breathe deeply. As we weather many different storms throughout our own lives may we find hope and comfort in the quiet, and gentle nurture of nature.

Evernia prunastri, species of fruticose branched, bushy lichen.

field studies. fallen branches and hawthorn lichen, oak moss, usnea, beard moss. sketches, photographs, prints



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